Hope and Grace Christian School

Over 300+ students and Pre-k through Primary Five

Hope and Grace Christian Primary School is in the picturesque landscape of rural tea fields in the Mityana District of Uganda. It serves students from Baby Class to Primary Five. As the school is still under construction it should soon be able to accommodate up to the level of Primary Seven. At the heart of the school’s success are its exceptional teachers, who not only possess a deep commitment to academic rigor but also serve as moral guides and mentors to their students. Their dedication and passion create a nurturing environment where students thrive and grow in both knowledge and faith.

In this community, students from all backgrounds find a place to flourish. One of our goals is to help students develop into well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of purpose. Private Schools are the only option for children in Uganda as the government offers no public educational system. Hope and Grace works with the families in our local communities to ensure students can get the education they deserve regardless of their financial situation. Many of our students who once face limited educational opportunities now find themselves equipped with the skills and confidence to pursue a higher level of education.