Clinic and Surgical Restoration Programs

Thousands die due to the lack of medical supplies.
The basics that we take for granted are not that accessible to those in need in Africa. Children die daily due to infections, fever, malaria and so many other diseases that are common to man that can be medically treated and taken care of. Supplying the medical clinics with the bare essentials can save thousands of lives. What we take for granted others cry out in pain. Your support can make the difference between life and death. Jesus died on the cross so we would have eternal life, with your support we can save a life and show them the miracle of the Lord.

Donations to the Clinic program allows us to provide medicines and supplies in this much needed area.

Surgical Program

There are numerous children that need major operations on the limbs, enabling them to walk. Without outside help these children will either die or be crippled for the rest of their life. One young boy stands out in our hearts, his name is Henry. God spoke to Donna and surgery was performed on him. The original hospital wanted to amputate his leg. We found a Doctor who performed the surgery and now he is walking and running with the rest of his friends. Henry knows it was a miracle from God, as well as the rest of his family and they are all now saved.

Medical Clinic

Funds are needed to purchase medicine and supplies for our Medical Clinic. Our prayer is to provide free medical care to those in poverty.

Please review our Contact page for information on how you can contribute materials or funds.

The Children's Clinic was completed in 2010.